Book overview

Welcome to The Tact Book section (or just The Book), — an introductory book about the Tact language.

Here are its main contents:


Guides are in-depth articles describing how to make a specific project or explore certain ideas of Tact and TON with respect to their implications and applications in real-life contracts.


Cheatsheets are quick rundowns on Tact syntax and idioms with comparison to other blockchain languages, such as FunC (also on TON) and Solidity (Ethereum blockchain). Use those to transition to Tact as swiftly as possible.


The Tact Book is a cohesive and streamlined sequence of educational materials about Tact. In general, it assumes that you’re reading it in sequence from front to back. Later parts build on concepts in earlier parts, and earlier parts might not delve into details on a particular topic but will revisit the topic in a later part.

Additionally, there are many references to the Language section of the documentation, where many primitives of the language are described in much more fine detail. Additionally, whenever there's an existing explanation of the broader TON concept in the main TON documentation, this Book tries to reference it as well.

Book also assumes that you’ve written code in another programming language but doesn’t make any assumptions about which one. We’ve tried to make the material broadly accessible to those from a wide variety of programming backgrounds. We don’t spend a lot of time talking about what programming is or how to think about it. If you’re entirely new to programming, you would be better served by reading a book that specifically provides an introduction to programming.