OTP-005: Argument-addressable contracts

OTP-005: Argument-addressable contracts

This proposal defines a way to address contracts by their arguments instead of their initial data.


Init data could be very different from the arguments. This allows us to avoid executing untrusted code from another contract in the context of a current one or executing TVM code off-chain for deployment that could be risky in some cases.


This specification defines a way to write arguments to an init data cell to be read by the contract code during deployment.


The prefix is defined by a smart contract itself, but by default, it is assumed as a single zero bit. Prefix is used by the contract code to distinguish between deployed and not-deployed state.

Arguments encoding

Arguments are encoded using Auto Encoder.

Contract Requirements

  • Contract MUST expose lazy_deployment_completed get method that returns true if the contract is deployed and false otherwise.
  • Contract MUST expose org.ton.deploy.lazy.v0 interface.


  • Contracts could be in a semi-deployed state
  • There are multiple ways to write arguments that would end up in a different init data and a different address
  • You can deploy a pre-initialized contract and it would have a different address while being fully functional
  • Unpredictable gas usage on deployment. Deployments are usually expensive, but this proposal makes it even more expensive.