OTP-003: Self-ABI reporting

OTP-003: Self-ABI reporting

This proposal defines how to report contract's ABI using IPFS link.


Usually ABI is supplied separately using a third party service or via some repository on GitHub. This proposal suggests to add a new self reporting of contract's ABI using link to a IPFS. This would allow avoid any third party dependency and allows anyone to build tools that rely on ABI such as explorers, wallets, etc.


To support this proposal, contract should implemenent OTP-001 and report an interface org.ton.abi.ipfs.v0. Then implement a get method get_abi_ipfs that returns a string with IPFS link to the ABI file. The link should be in the format ipfs://<hash>.


  • No way to upgrade ABI without updating a contract. This is a drawback exists only for hardcoded links.